Jupiter Transit 2021: Taurus According to Jupiter Transit 2021, Jupiter rules the eighth and eleventh house in Taurus sign and will affect your tenth and ninth house throughout this year. Of course, if you are 8 years old, all this will mean is that teachers will tend to like you better (the 10th House is “the boss”). GEMINI - The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is happening in your ninth house of publishing, higher education, travel, spirituality. Transit Jupiter in the 10th House When transit Jupiter is in your 10th house, you usually experience a good period for your career. If you are 97 and in an old age home, you will get along better with the staff. Sun Transits 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Sun Transits the 8th extended Moon Transits From the 10th, Jupiter is asking the 2nd house of income and the 6th house of daily routines and. Uranus transiting your sign the next six years will catapult you in a more authentic (and possibly surprising) direction. May 15, 2010 Jo Tracey Jupiter. Jupiter in tenth House for Scorpio Ascendant. Transit Saturn in 10th House. Perhaps you are promoted or publicly recognized for your work. The continuation of my series Jupiter through the Houses… I lost steam a bit sometime after the 9th… as you do. There will be peace in the family and you will have a great married life during this transit. Transit of Jupiter in the 10th house will help you achieve success at the job front or business. During the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter will pass through the 10 th house, the House of Career and Fame. Jupiter transiting the 10th brings opportunities with work or a new job. In fact, you could be at the top professionally, if Saturn forms good aspects while it passes through this house. Get your personalized forecast transit report here! The outer planet transits are the most powerful, life-changing transits but occur over a longer periods of time that the effects are felt in stages. When Saturn transits through your tenth house, your mundane and professional responsibilities increase. Leo is ruled by Sun. Jupiter and Sun is friendly to each other. If you’re in the public eye, you make a good impression. The natives of Jupiter in the 10th house are usually generous and have a … This is a great time for getting a promotion or having a new, positive change in your career. They also get recognized for their efforts within their social and work circle. Jupiter person is likely to usher in lucky twists and turns in both of their lives. You can be recognized for the work that you’ve done and make strides. Jupiter Transits Through Your Tenth House: A good time to seek career advancement. The natives of Jupiter in 10th house may get a lot of expansion, success, and fame in their business or profession. Due to its influence, you will have good relations with the people from politics and of government which will help you to reap benefits in life. Jupiter Transiting the 10th House. So you may have to deal with new and added responsibilities. For Scorpio ascendant, Leo is the 10 th sign. Synastry Jupiter in the other person's 10th house: How do you help each other advance and expand in career? In this case, Jupiter increases health issues, expenditure, debt and problems with coworkers and employees. Jupiter in Leo will give help and support from family and relatives regarding work. 6th April to 15th September, Jupiter will move out from Capricorn and get posited in Aquarius, which will activate your tenth house. This transit period is also good for study related matters. So Jupiter is quite comfortable in Leo. Jupiter Transits of the 10th House. From the beginning of the year i.e. Effects of Jupiter transit in the 10th house For Aries natives, Jupiter is the lord of the 9 th and 12 th house. House 9 person and Jupiter person may travel to foreign countries together or venture into the studies of different cultural traditions. Anyway, better late than never, here is No 10. Jupiter’s move into 6th house from natal Moon is considered inauspicious in Vedic astrology since 6th is a malefic house and Jupiter expands what the house signifies.